Cased-Hole Wireline

Evaluate and diagnose downhole issues

Our comprehensive cased-hole wireline services—including production logging, casing and cement evaluation, and saturation logging—provide actionable reservoir data that identifies your downhole issues, pinpoints bypassed production, and gives a hyper-accurate well-integrity assessment that helps ensure maximum asset recovery.

Production Logging Services

Evaluate reservoir flow and identify tubing leaks

Working via real-time telemetry or memory acquisition mode, our single-phase or multi-phase production logging tools provide an accurate summary of hydrocarbon flow within the reservoir.


Track wellbore fluid movement here

Production Logging Services

Reservoir Saturation Services

Detect bypassed payzones

Our Raptor 2.0 cased-hole reservoir evaluation system provides clear and accurate reservoir data through first-of-its-kind hardware, high-fidelity response characterization, advanced petrophysical workflows, and a wide range of answer products. 


Locate oil and gas locations within inches here

Reservoir Saturation Services

Well Integrity Services

Reveal casing and cement anomalies

We detect wellbore problems quickly and efficiently. Our SecureView® casing and cement evaluation system provides high-definition logs of your inner casing, outer casing, cement strength, and cement bond.


Achieve a hyper-accurate well-integrity assessment here

Perforating Services

Maximize wellbore exposure

Our diverse, customizable wireline-conveyed perforating services—rated for extreme operating environments and conditions—deliver first hydrocarbon contact or enhanced production.


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Perforating Services