Cased-Hole Evaluation System

Your second shot
at booking more reserves

Detect bypassed reserves with precise through-casing reservoir characterization.

There’s more out there. The only questions are where and how much. Our Raptor 2.0® cased-hole reservoir evaluation system reveals and quantifies what lies behind your casing. This new pulsed-neutron technology provides clear and accurate reservoir data through first-of-its-kind hardware, high-fidelity response characterization, advanced petrophysical workflows, and a wide range of answer products.

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The Raptor 2.0 system tells you what lies outside your wellbore

Clear and Useful Saturation Data

Detect through-casing oil, gas, and formation water

Enhanced carbon-oxygen (C/O) technique

  • Determines bypassed oil location and volume
  • Identifies and corrects for carbonate lithology and cementation effects

Proprietary N-Vision technique

  • Determines bypassed natural location and volume
  • Quantifies gas-liquid saturation in porosity ranges as low as 5%

Enhanced sigma technique

  • Delivers water-saturation in porous, high-salinity formations
  • Measures the diffusion-corrected formation sigma derived from four-detector mixing

Real Result: Identifying bypassed reserves and correcting historical openhole data

Real Result: Optimizing water-flood strategy for >80 wells

Real Result: Determining gas-oil and oil-water contacts in dual-string completions


Advanced instrumentation

Leverage the most sensitive pulsed-neutron tool ever built

The pulsed-neutron generator emits controlled pulses of high-energy neutrons into the formation.
Four spectroscopy sensors, rather than two, increase the gas-saturation measurement sensitivity by 250% and investigate a much larger volume of the reservoir.
LaBr3 scintillators provide greater peak resolution, brighter light output, and better temperature stability.
A fast-neutron counter measures the precise neutron-emission rate, which provides superior log quality control and data timing accuracy.
The T-100 calibrator provides factory-spec logging performance before each job.
A high-speed telemetry cartridge enables simultaneous running with production-logging and cement-evaluation tools.

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Advanced Instrumentation

integrated petrophysical workflows

Collect definitive oil and gas saturation data

Single-well response characterization creates a unique, integrated response characterization for each well by accounting for the combined effects of borehole size, casing, tubing, wellbore and annular fluids, lithology, and reservoir fluids.
The response prediction calculates a clear oil and water response prediction.
Four-detector mixing enhances spectroscopic C/O and sigma measurements.
Petrophysical analysis leverages proprietary software and skilled petrophysicists to merge measured data into the response envelope. The data interface is intuitive, easy to use, and transparent.
The petrophysical process is repeated when characterizing a completion change in the same well or when characterizing a nearby well.

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Reveal bypassed reserves today

The Weatherford Raptor 2.0 cased-hole reservoir evaluation system delivers definitive oil and gas saturation data. To learn how our services and technologies can work for you, please complete the contact form and one of our technology experts will be in touch.