Cased-Hole Wireline

Diagnose downhole issues and remediate rig free

Our comprehensive wireline services—including perforating, pipe-recovery, and heavy-duty wireline services—provide efficient and rig-free remediation for your cased-hole wells. Once we discover the root of the issue with actionable reservoir data, our experienced crews—who leverage our company’s 40 years of global wireline expertise—clear wellbore blockages, manage water intrusion, and maximize wellbore exposure to help you maximize asset recovery.

Mechanical and Plugback Services

Isolate problematic zones and manage water intrusion

Working through tight restrictions and with the production tubing in place, our plugback and wireline-conveyed casing patch systems isolate problematic wellbore zones without the use of a rig.


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Mechanical Plugback Services


Maximize wellbore exposure

Our wireline-conveyed perforating services provide diverse, customizable solutions for first hydrocarbon contact or enhanced production.

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Pipe Recovery

Remove stuck tubulars from the wellbore

With proprietary wireline-conveyed technologies, our skilled pipe-recovery experts deliver a clear wellbore with minimal downtime.


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Pipe Recovery

Slickline Services

Find it, fix it, and go beyond with our rigless conveyance systems

As your rigless restoration resource, we support integrated production well services with a global fleet of wireline and slickline services. 


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Slickline Services

Heavy-Duty Wireline Fishing

Recover deep or heavy fish without a workover

Leveraging the high-strength pulling power of a heavy-duty wireline fishing unit, our skilled wireline fishing teams can quickly retrieve virtually any fish in any wellbore environment. 


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Heavy-Duty Wireline Fishing

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Our comprehensive wireline services help you to clear wellbore blockages, manage water intrusion, and maximize wellbore exposure. To learn more about our capabilities, please complete the contact form below. One of our specialists will be in touch.