Safety Valve Rejuvenation

Reinstate safety valve functionality without pulling the tubing 

Based on the industry-leading Optimax® safety valve, our Renaissance® systems retrofit a new safety-valve control line where the original has failed and enhance production by enabling the delivery of downhole treatment fluids. These interventionless systems replace damaged control lines and retrofit wells with capillary injection, high-volume water-injection systems, and wells without safety valves.

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Renaissance Inverse Gas Lift System Eliminates Workover and Increases Production by 3.5 Mboe/D

Control-Line Replacement

Restore functionality in wells with damaged control lines

The Renaissance® WDCL damaged-control-line replacement safety valve system restores safety-valve functionality in wells with plugged-off, damaged, or leaking control lines. 


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 Control-Line Replacement

Damaged Safety-Valve System Mitigation

Restore functionality in wells with damaged safety valves

Our Renaissance® Model WDB restores safety valve functionality in wells with damaged safety valve systems, including those with damaged landing nipples or sealbores.


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