Fishing Services

Restore production with our skilled and efficient technicians

Experience is the difference between hours or days offline. Masters of their craft, our crews stand ready for any contingency, anytime, anywhere in the world. Once our technicians clear your obstructed wellbore, they can help to restore production and well integrity with additional milling tools, casing, tubing patches, and―if needed―decommissioning equipment.

Openhole Fishing

Resume drilling operations and maintain openhole integrity

Dispatched to any location in the world, our skilled fishermen clear openhole obstructions—including lost bottomhole assemblies, tubular twist-offs, and other drilling-related tools—while minimizing formation damage. 


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Cased-Hole Fishing Services

Resume productivity with minimal downtime

Our fishermen minimize deferred production. Available to you anywhere in the world, our technicians clear obstructions from your cased-hole system while maintaining wellbore integrity.


Cased-Hole Fishing Services

Milling and Washover Services

Mill through obstructions and free struck pipe

Leveraging a vast array of proprietary junk and pilot mills, our fishermen can mill through and pull out stationary or loose obstructions in your wellbore. Whether you need to mill through a stuck fish or the outer edges of a plug, we respond with efficient milling and washover services that minimize downtime.


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Milling and washover tools

Well Repair Services

Re-establish well integrity

Once our technicians locate the breach in your casing and clear any obstructions, they can restore well integrity and productivity with minimal downtime. Leveraging our portfolio of casing patches and MetalSkin® solid-expandable cased-hole liners, our team provides a single-source well-integrity solution for your well.


MetalSkin system

Impact Tools

Free stuck pipe quickly and cost-effectively

Our fishermen leverage the patented Weatherford portfolio of high-performance impact tools. These tools provide variable hitting loads, and extended periods of continuous jarring. 


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Heavy-Duty Wireline Fishing

Recover deep or heavy fish without a workover

Leveraging the high-strength pulling power of a heavy-duty wireline fishing unit, our skilled wireline fishing teams can quickly retrieve virtually any fish in any wellbore environment. With more than 25 years of experience, our specialized teams arrive with an array of equipment―including power-assisted jars and heavy-duty pulling tools, releasable spears, and releasable overshots―that minimize downtime for your well.


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Heavy-duty wireline unit

Restore production and well integrity

Our crews stand ready to help you get your well back online, anytime, anywhere in the world. Find out how we can restore production and well integrity to your assets. Complete the form below and one of our experts will be in touch soon.