Re-Entry Services

Breathe new life into
aging wells

We help you increase reservoir contact with a clean, precise, properly angled casing exit. Leveraging our suite of wireline, surface logging, and drilling technologies, our re-entry services are engineered for reliable performance. With more than 12,000 casing-exit installations globally, our experienced and highly trained personnel deliver service excellence for casing exits and multilateral junctions in a wide range of wellbore conditions.

Cased-Hole Systems

Access behind-the-casing reserves

Regardless of casing size, grade, depth, or inclination, our teams of certified specialists create an optimal window geometry that is compatible with any drilling and liner program. 


Mill clean, full-bore windows and ratholes in a single trip

Cased-Hole Systems

Openhole Systems

Bypass drilling obstructions and access additional reserves

Our high-performance, robust anchoring options provide the maximum formation grip and torque ratings required to execute an efficient sidetrack from your parent wellbore.


  Achieve reliable service excellence for openhole re-entry operations here

Openhole Systems

Multilateral Systems

Increase pay zone exposure and access bypassed reserves

Our experienced multilateral re-entry crews deliver consistent service excellence with a clean, properly-angled casing exit. 


Minimize construction costs and maximize sweet-spot exposure here

Multilateral Systems

Well-Construction Optimization

Repeat well-construction successes again and again

The combined experience of top-tier experts and thousands of successful jobs is now available at your wellsite. With a world of expertise at your fingertips, the AccuView® system helps you to plan and execute faster and more efficient liner-hanger, fishing, and re-entry jobs.


 Rely on global expertise that never sleeps

AccuView system