Hydraulic Piston Pumps Systems

Optimize low- to medium-volume production in challenging wells

How can you extend the profitable life of wells that produce less than optimal volume—especially in deep or deviated wellbores, or wells with diminishing flow rates? When the economics become as challenging as the reservoir conditions, hydraulic piston pumps can boost your production and profitability to the end of the well life cycle.


Extend recovery and profitability

Real Results in Oklahoma, USA

In one horizontal onshore well, the hydraulic piston-pump lifting system increased liquid production from 14 to 20 B/D (2.39 to 3.18 m3/d) and gas production from 15 to more than 200 MCFD (424.8 to more than 5,664 m3/d).

Increase your productivity


Real Results in China

The Weatherford hydraulic piston-pump lifting system used 200°F (93°C) power fluid to reduce oil viscosity from 60,000 to 500 cp (Pa∙s) and increase flow rate and profitability.

Leave the heavy-crude lifting to us