Subsurface Rod Pumps

Tap into a vast reservoir of rod-pump expertise

When you purchase downhole pumps from Weatherford, you get more than just exceptional production equipment. You also get our unmatched decades of experience and our continual development of new, performance-enhancing technologies. Our portfolio includes a wide variety of API pumps, specialty pumps, and parts and accessories that excel in even the most corrosive and abrasive environments.

Sand-Tolerant Pump

Put sand in its place

Our patented sand-tolerant pump (STP) protects the plunger-barrel interface from sand abrasion by filtering the slippage fluid. This design extends the runtime while maintaining pump efficiency for sandy well conditions.


Increase pump run time up to 450 percent

 Sand-Tolerant Pump

Real Results in California, USA

In 56 sandy oil wells, Weatherford installed sand-tolerant pumps for an average increase in run life of 450% compared to the previous conventional rod pumps. This increased longevity reduced the frequency of workovers and saved on replacement costs.

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