Multiphase Flow Measurement

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Analyze individual-phase flow rates in real time 

Our multiphase flow-measurement products deliver accurate and continuous individual- or group-well flow rate measurement for oil, water, and gas. As the only company to deliver sonar-based bulk-velocity measurements, our systems provide hyper-accurate and real-time flow-rate measurements that help you optimize and allocate production.

Wet-Gas Flowmeters

Optimize gas and condensate production

Our VS/R wet-gas meter is a true three-phase wet-gas flowmeter that accommodates most flow regimes without the need for a nuclear component or frequent field calibration.


Gain real-time, multiphase, wet-gas flowmetering

Wet-Gas Flowmeters

Full-Range Multiphase Flowmeters

Track oil, water, and gas flow rates without separation

An all-in-one wet-gas and multiphase meter, our VSRD multiphase flowmeter provides accurate measurements in any well, including slugging wells that fluctuate between gas-dominant and liquid-dominant flow regimes.


Track oil, water, and gas flow rates in real time

Full-Range Multiphase Flowmeters

Separation-Based Multiphase Flowmeters

Monitor your well or field for all phases

Our Red Eye® multiphase metering system provides real-time flow rate information by combining compact gas separation technology with advanced liquid and gas metering. The technology replaces conventional two- and three-phase test separators, and offers a smaller footprint compared to gravity-based separators.

Separate and measure multiphase flow with no need for residence time here