Well Servicing Equipment

Maintain productivity using efficiently delivered, reliable equipment

With field-proven features and innovative designs, our high-quality Oil Country Manufacturing (OCM) well servicing equipment helps you to lower operating costs, reduce downtime, and enhance safety. We promptly process and ship orders—for equipment such as tongs, spiders, elevators, and hooks—to any location in the world.

Handle various tubing sizes and load ratings

Tubing Spiders

Operated by air or hydraulics, our OCM tubing spiders give you a choice of models for varying size ranges and tonnage ratings to prevent accidental release of the tubing string.


tubing spider

Run your tubulars according to any requirements

Power Tubing Tongs

Our OCM power tubing tongs—including open-faced and closed-head models—provide rugged and reliable performance, even at the higher torques.


Power Tubing Tongs

Service your well with value-added technologies

Overhead Equipment

From hooks to links and elevators, our OCM well servicing equipment represents years of field research. The resulting product designs help you to achieve lower operational costs, less downtime, and better safety records.


Overhead Equipment