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Iron Roughneck

TorkWrench TW10-100 Iron Roughneck - 100k ft-lbs. make/break, pneumatic controls w/ PA2.1 Positioning Device, pneumatic controls

Condition: New - Not Used 

Product#: 1723273 Brand Weatherford

Location: Langenhagen, Germany

Discount Price: $285,000



The patented Weatherford TorkWrench 10-100 iron rougheck is the performance-leading, hydraulic iron roughneck in its class, providing up to 100,000 ft-lb (135.56 kN•m) of torque for the toughest makeup and breakout operations. The TorkWrench 10-100 iron roughneck has a compact design with fewer moving parts that increase overall reliabilty and provide outstanding high-speed makeup and breakout performance. The TorkWrench 10-100 can be used for most oilfield connections, including drillstring components, tools, packers, couplings, and valves. Ancillary features, including the patented1 PowerFrame® and patented2 PowerScope® tong-positioning systems and PowerArm positioning device, can greatly increase productivity by providing the means to make up and break out drill bits and bottomhole assemblies offline, clear of the rotary table and out of the critical path.


  • Running drillpipe, tripping standard- or premium-connection drillpipe, offline stand building, and bit breaking
  • Bottomhole assembly makeup and installation


  • High-torque wrenching and spinning units combine to provide faster makeup and breakout operations.
  • Three-jaw gripping system enables equal load distribution and easy jaw and die exchange, eliminating shear forces on tool joints.
  • Pneumatic intelligent control box can be disconnected from tong unit and relocated into safe area.
  • Free-floating spinning system follows the movement of pipe, protecting the tool joint and minimizing drillpipe damage caused by conventional systems.


Iron Roughneck


Iron Roughneck

PowerArm 2.1 Positioning Device   Pneumatic Controls 

Iron Roughneck


Power Tong Positioning System

PowerScope Tong Positioning System

Iron Roughneck


Hydraulic Power Units

Electric HPU 37 kW 480V with DNV (-20°C) Zone 1

Iron Roughneck


Hydraulic Power Units

Electric HPU 2 EW-P 480V with DNV (-20°C) Zone 1