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Power Tong Positioning System

30-100 High Torque Casing Tong - without backup

Condition: New - Not Used 

Product#: 1003390 Brand Weatherford

Location: Katy, Texas

Discount Price: $70,000



The Weatherford 30-100 high-torque casing tong provides 100,000 ft-lb (135,600 N•m) of torque capacity for running and pulling 16- to 30-in. casing. At the heart of the tong is a unique gated rotary that completely encircles the casing, providing greater circumferential coverage, a smaller footprint, and lighter overall weight than conventional tong designs. For added safety, the hydraulic door interlock prevents tong operation while the doors are open or unlatched. The 30- 100 tong is capable of fully mechanized remote operation or semimechanized operation, and it is fully compatible with all Weatherford automated tong-positioning systems, including the patented* PowerFrame® and PowerScope® systems.


  • Running and pulling 16- to 30-in. casing
  • Making up and breaking out connections with high-torque requirements
  • Performing offline or moonpool casing makeup operations


  • The gated rotary completely encloses the casing to distribute gripping forces over a greater area and ensure a positive grip without pipe deformation or pipe marking problems.
  • The integral hydraulic backup grips pipe and couplings without crushing.
  • The tong design eliminates the use of large manual rig tongs as backup when running casing, thereby enhancing safety.
  • The patented free-floating integral backup design virtually eliminates shearing and bending when making up or breaking out connections. This design reduces casing deformation, which can affect long-term wellbore integrity.
  • Compatibility with JAMPro™ torque control systems enables real-time monitoring of torque, turns, and speed for increased efficiency.
  • The tong design allows running of casing in the moonpool or offline on rigs that can accommodate these activities.


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