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Power Tong Positioning System

PowerScope Tong Positioning System

Condition: New - Not Used 

Product#: 1019814 Brand Weatherford

Location: Langenhagen, Germany

Discount Price: $14,400



The Weatherford PowerScope tong-positioning system is a patented* telescoping device used to enable precise positioning of power tongs. The system enables oneman operation of both remote-controlled power tongs and semimechanized, manually operated power tongs. Position memory ensures accuracy, efficiency and repeatability when positioning and operating the tongs remotely. For manual operations, the PowerScope system provides sufficient stabilization and force for a single tong operator to manipulate the tongs without assistance from other rig crew members. In most cases the PowerScope system can be installed without obstructing other rig-floor operations, and it is easily assembled or disassembled from the pedestal or rig structure without losing effective rig time. The PowerScope system enables simple, fast transport and rig up.


  • Manipulation of remotely operated and manual power tongs for casing, tubing, drillpipe, and production risers
  • Use on land rigs, semisubmersibles, drillships, platforms, and jackups


  • Positioning memory enables fast, accurate, and repeatable operation when used with remote control.
  • The rotating mounting base provides safe, simple, and precise movement of power equipment by a single operator, which increases efficiency and saves costs.
  • Hydraulic operation enhances personnel safety by eliminating tong-handling risks, including back strains and pinch-points.
  • The system uses power from existing equipment, such as a hydraulic tong power unit, and requires minimal rig space.
  • Smooth, efficient positioning of hydraulic tongs onto the pipe ensures safe operations in adverse weather conditions on semisubmersibles and drillships.


Power Tong Positioning System


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Power Tong Positioning System


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Power Tong Positioning System


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Power Tong Positioning System


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