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Stand Racking System

Iron Derrickman S3 Pipe Handling System (2.7/8" - 8.1/4"; 15,000 lbs lift)

Condition: New - Not Used 

Product#: 1322672 Brand Weatherford

Location: Katy, Texas

Discount Price: $360,000



The patented* Weatherford Iron Derrickman S3 model is a racking board and pipe-handling system that enhances safety and efficiency by eliminating the need for personnel on the racking board and the drill floor during tripping operations. The Iron Derrickman S3 system lifts and smoothly racks triple stands of drillpipe, heavyweight collars, and drill collars with programmed sequential movements. It rigs up or down quickly with the integrated racking-board winch. The Iron Derrickman S3 system can trip 40 to 45 stands per hour. When paired with Weatherford offline stand-building solutions, the system provides substantial time savings by building stands away from the critical path without interrupting drilling operations.


  • Medium to large triple land rigs
  • Jackups, platforms, and barges


  • Both portable and wired controls for operation from the driller’s cabin or the rig floor
  • Easy integration with zone management systems
  • Semiautomated controls for easy operation
  • Significantly enhances safety by removing personnel from the mast and floor when tripping tubulars.
  • The system can be used to build stands without interrupting drilling operations.
  • Complete control of the pipe while lifting and moving it toward well center reduces pipe swing, thread damage caused by misalignment or motion, and inadvertent contact between the pin and stump and/or other rig-floor equipment and personnel.
  • The smooth, repetitive movements of the system improve tripping efficience and greatly reduce costs for repairing pipe-thread damage.
  • The derrickman can work next to the driller in the doghouse, which provides the opportunity for more effective learning.


Stand Racking System


Iron Roughneck

PowerArm 2.1 Positioning Device    Pneumatic Controls

Stand Racking System


Iron Roughneck

TorkWrench TW10-100 Iron Roughneck - 100k ft-lbs.

Stand Racking System


Power Tong Positioning System

PowerScope Tong Positioning System

Stand Racking System


Hydraulic Power Units

Electric HPU 55 kW 480V with DNV (-20°C) Zone 1