Transform data into field-wide performance

Our software supports your ultimate goal: maximizing recovery. Our suites of software span a wide range of upstream activities—from modeling and planning engineering to drilling optimization, geochemical analysis, and asset optimization. These enterprise-wide, integrated software suites combine historical and real-time data with predictive analytics to help you minimize operational costs and increase overall returns throughout your asset.

Drilling Optimization Platform

Expand your control throughout the drilling and completions process

The OneSync® drilling optimization platform uses drilling engineering and monitoring software for pre-job planning, real-time operations and post-job analyses, helping you avoid drilling hazards and improve drilling performance.


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Drilling Optimization Platform

Production Optimization Software

Monitor and analyze your asset performance to enhance production

Our production optimization software helps you monitor your entire network, from wellbore to processing plant. This secure, scalable system integrates physics-based models and predictive analytics to identify opportunities for optimization. 


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Production Optimization Software

SCADA Platform

Get the big picture from your operations data

Collect, manage, and distribute critical business and field data. Our fully scalable CygNet® supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) platform provides broad functionality suitable for production and pipeline companies.

Gather critical operations data to control assets

Get the big picture from your operations data

Laboratory Analysis Software

Discover what lies at the heart of your reservoir

Our laboratory analysis software helps you manage and make better use of the diverse range of data produced during core and fluid analyses.


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Expert help, technical support, and updates

Our team of experts can help you keep your programs running with technical support, manuals, and software updates. Our user community shares insights into best practices with discussion forums and other resources to help you get the most from each program.


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