Asset Optimization

Automate and optimize your reservoir, well, and surface networks

Unleash the potential of your asset with our innovative control, analysis, and field-management solutions. Leveraging global expertise and an unparalleled depth of products, our integrated full-field optimization system helps you monitor performance across all reservoirs, wells, surface equipment and pipelines. 


Asset Optimization Application

Enable full-field optimization and automation

Our asset optimization application can help you optimize production through automated workflows, remote monitoring and control, operations analyses and forecasts of production issues. This system compiles enterprise-wide real-time data, well tests and predictive models. Automated engineering workflows provide up-to-date asset performance and intelligent recommendations for optimization. Our software integrates data from real-time instruments and sensors into a single platform, allowing live asset-production tracking, full automation of daily engineering tasks, and continuous optimization of your well and surface network systems.


asset optimization


Enhance safety and efficiency

Our digital oilfield technology not only enhances production, it helps you mitigate risk. By enabling our application’s remote monitoring and intelligent surface system management capabilities, you can limit personnel time at the wellsite until they’re needed. The system proactively analyzes your surface systems, predicts failures, and suggests engineering solutions to developing operational issues. Now you can efficiently analyze production information and dispatch the right people with the right tools to enhance safety and operations.


asset optimization