Surface Network Modeling

Simulate and optimize your surface production network

Our modeling system helps you identify bottlenecks, allocate production, and gain better control of operating data. ReO® simulation and optimization software provides petroleum engineering, simulation, and optimization solutions for surface networks—from wellhead to processing plant. Based on advanced fluid-modeling, process-simulation, and optimization technologies, ReO software provides accurate economic and engineering solutions, with flexibility for building complex network models. 



Optimize surface networks

ReO® software provides simulation and optimization solutions for surface networks from wellhead to the processing plant. This application simulates all production system behavior and optimizes production using the operator’s economic model for a significant boost to production while minimizing costs.


surface networks


Model and analyze flow throughout the network

ReO ® software supports all key equipment used in typical gas and oil production systems, from chokes, flowlines, risers, downcomers, pipe fittings, manifolds, and multiphase separators to heat exchangers, gas compressors, pumps, and gas purifiers. For each type of equipment, a range of industry-standard correlations and mathematical models are offered to meet the degree of complexity for the asset.


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