Directional Drilling with Casing

Drill in any direction to TD using a retrievable BHA

Our dDwC™ directional drilling-with-casing system enables you to not only drill and ream with casing but also retrieve the bottomhole assembly (BHA)—without pulling the entire casing string. This capability makes the system well suited for vertical, inclined, and extended-reach drilling wells that often result in damaged drilling tools and require directional drilling technologies.

With this retrievable system, you can replace damaged or worn BHA components before reaching total depth (TD). You can also recover expensive advanced measurement systems after reaching TD. The system comprises four key parts: the latch assembly, workstring-release retrieval device, hydraulic releasing device, and hydraulic locking device.


Latch Assembly

Connect the BHA to the casing

Our dDwC latch eases installation into the first joint of casing using a simple locking process either before or after casing delivery to the rig.


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Workstring-Release Retrieval Device (WRRD)

Release and retrieve the latch and BHA

Run on drillpipe, our dDwC WRRD enables you to retrieve the latched BHA after reaching TD or to replace a BHA component before reaching TD.


Discover more about the WRRD


Hydraulic Releasing Device (HRD)

Release the latch from the profile collar

With the dDwC HRD, you can release the latch and the drilling assembly from the casing string and also lower the casing string to cover a rathole.


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Hydraulic Locking Device (HLD)

Lock the latch and BHA into the profile collar

With the dDwC HLD, you can lock the BHA back into the profile collar after retrieving it to replace one or more BHA components.


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