Traditional Systems

Put your well construction program into action

Our traditional systems have got you covered for safety-enhancing, speed-gaining operations. Whether you require conventional tools for reliable manual work or mechanized equipment for remote rig-floor operations, we furnish the exact equipment you need for your well construction program. In addition to these conventional or mechanized systems, we offer technologies that take work offline for ready-to-run tubulars.

Tubular Management

Streamline your tubular programs from the pipe yard to total depth

We use industry-leading torque-monitoring and bucking technologies to make up and break out tubulars offline and deliver high-integrity double or triple joints to your rig. 


Improve productivity with ready-to-run tubulars

Tubular Management


Execute safe, efficient tubular running with hands-free technologies

Our mechanized equipment automates makeup and breakout operations on the rig floor, which remove personnel from hazardous zones to enhance safety. 


Minimize rig time with remotely operated equipment

Mechanized Rig Systems


Incorporate essential tubular handling to support drilling and completion operations

For both drilling and completion operations, we offer conventional handling solutions as primary or secondary methods of running your casing.

Handle and make up tubulars with reliable equipment

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