Torque Monitoring

Verify proper makeup with real-time and remote viewing

Our torque-monitoring solutions—including our JAMPro NET system and TorkPro® 3 software—create a virtual connection for remote and real-time monitoring of premium-pipe makeup and breakout. Remote viewing reduces the number of workers on the rig floor and minimizes risks. Real-time capabilities help you to verify connection integrity during operations and ultimately build a well that delivers a lifetime of value and isolation.

Torque Monitoring System

Monitor the torque, turns, and speed of any power tong

Our JAMPro torque-monitoring system provides real-time measurements that help you to control makeup and verify that your casing and tubing connections conform to manufacturer specifications.


Torque/Turns Analyzing Software

Record, analyze, and evaluate connection data

After acquiring and processing data from our JAMPro real-time measuring system, our TorkPro® 3 torque/turns automatically evaluates and notifies technicians about the integrity of premium connections.



Torque/Turns Analyzing Software