Completion Running

Facilitate smooth completion running without marking

From standard well completions to complex deepwater installations, we help you to efficiently make up, break out, handle, and run completion strings to depth. Our innovative running and handling tools combine with mechanized equipment packages to handle and run wellbore completion tubulars in accordance with manufacturer recommendations and also to remove personnel from hazardous areas.

Whether your completion involves running special alloy strings, landing strings, risers, super-chrome pipes, or hyper-chrome pipes, we aim to preserve their condition for enhanced well integrity and extended well life. In fact, we have developed numerous proven technologies that address die imperfection issues at heavy loads. 


Hydraulic Tubing Tongs

Make up tubulars with premium connections

Our 7.6-30 and 7.6-50 hydraulic tubing tongs facilitate the makeup and breakout of premium connections on both standard and corrosion-resistant alloy tubulars.

See the specifications for our hydraulic tubing tong


Automated, Control-Line, Arm Manipulating and Positioning System

Guide the control line when running tubing in the hole

Our remotely operated AutoCLAMP system pushes and pulls control lines and umbilicals to and from the pipe without human intervention, which enhances personnel safety.

Read how our system saved 8 hours offshore

AutoCLAMP™ system

Completion Slips

Run completion strings and large-OD components

Using our RCS-500 completion slips, you can run all kinds of tubulars and large-OD string components—including multiple control-line configurations and large umbilicals—without removing the slips from the rotary table. 

Learn more about RCS-500 completion slips

Completion Slips

Removable Collar Screen-Handling System

Run lower completion screens with minimal tubular contact

Compared to conventional handling equipment, our removable collar screen-handling system requires significantly less tubular contact so that more of the tubular can be dedicated to hydrocarbon production.

See the specifications for our screen-handling system

Removable Collar Screen-Handling System

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