Riser Running

Run riser strings with enhanced performance capabilities

Whether you're installing drilling or production risers offshore or in deep water, we help you to safely and efficiently make up, break out, and run them. Our riser-running technologies provide enhanced performance capabilities—including up to 300,000 ft-lb (406,746 N∙m) of continuous rotational torque—and also enable mechanized remote operation or semi-mechanized operation. Our non-marking die inserts can minimize riser damage and preserve long-term integrity against corrosion. 

Low-Profile Spider/Elevator

Run heavy-load, tapered, and coated riser strings

Rated for loads up to 400 tons (362,874 kg), our low-profile spider/elevator (LPSE) 400 helps you to make up, break out, and run riser strings with up to a 16-in. OD in deep water.

Minimize rig equipment with an interchangeable spider and elevator

Low-Profile Spider/Elevator