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AccuView and QuickCut Systems

Simplify Operations, Save $425,000 Over Previous Average Baseline Competitor Performance


  • Perform a casing-exit operation in a single trip. Previously, a competing system had required 52 runs to achieve 18 windows. The multiple-run operations included 34 unplanned trips valued at US $14.5 million in rig time.
  • Mill a window and rathole through which the directional bottomhole assembly (BHA) can pass with minimal drag and no ledges. Previously used casing-exit systems from competitors resulted in frequent complications with directional assemblies.
  • Remove computer hardware from the offshore drilling rig.

Our Approach

  • Weatherford AccuView and QuickCut re-entry specialists presented the customer an analysis comparing the incumbent’s success record to the 100% success record provided using AccuView. After reviewing the data, the customer contracted Weatherford to perform a casing exit.
  • After independent review and approval, the teams prepared the AccuView digital format in accordance with the Weatherford global procedure. AccuView software was connected to the customer’s data from their centrally located and secure land-based office. A cellular modem fed the data to the AccuView server and Weatherford authorized personnel during the operation.
  • Next, they deployed the shallow-angle QuickCut system to the kickoff point and oriented the whipstock.
  • As the shallow-angle QuickCut system milled the window and rathole, AccuView software displayed key parameters, such as weight on bit, rate of penetration, revolutions per minute, flow rate, and standpipe pressure compared to target values for optimal operation.
  • During the operation, Weatherford milling experts stood by to assist remotely as needed.
  • The software enabled on-the-fly adjustments to facilitate the single-trip casing operation. The operation concluded without any lost time incidents and no issues passing the directional assembly through the window.

Value to Customer

  • AccuView service optimization software facilitated the casing exit in a single trip without lost-time incidents. The software performed flawlessly to deliver rig time savings of nearly 2 days, valued at US $425,000. As a result of this performance, the customer asked Weatherford to perform the remaining casing exits on the rig and lead casing-exit campaigns in other locations. 
  • With its constant 2° concave, the shallow-angle QuickCut casing-exit system left no steps or ledges on the concave face to deliver a trouble-free window. The system enabled the customer to drill ahead with the intended directional BHA after the casing-exit operation concluded.
  • AccuView software was deployed from the customer’s central, land-based location, which enabled hardware to be removed from the rig. With no hardware to install, Weatherford delivered rapid deployment of AccuView to the rig without the logistical and security complications of moving hardware. This approach resulted in remote viewing of live operational data and further increased operational efficiency.



Well Type

Offshore, oil and gas, development

Well Inclination


Casing Size and Type

9-5/8 in., 53.5 lb

Kickoff Point

14,018.7 ft (4,272.9 m)


The AccuView dashboard shows all parameters in a global standard format so that every team member has access to unified data.

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