Evaluation Centre - Rig Testing


Weatherford's Evaluation Centre - Rig Testing

Industry demands the highest performance in the harshest of operating conditions. Our rigorous testing facilities replicate North Sea environments for authentic operating scenarios

Situated in the Science and Energy Park, in Bridge of Don, Aberdeen, Scotland, our rig testing facilities build confidence into your systems.

Weatherford's Evaluation Centre - Rig Testing

Originally set up to provide a facility to encourage well services techniques to be developed, tested and demonstrated without the risk and expense associated with offshore well, the Rig facility continues to provide an invaluable service to a broad range of clients including International and North Sea Operators, Drilling Contractors, Well Services companies and Subsea Services companies.

The facility has been designed to reproduce operating conditions as closely as possible. The rig and wells are available for rental by any company or organisation requiring research and development facilities in the field of drilling or well services technology, on a wholly confidential basis, as well as for product demonstration and practical training.


The operating structure protects clients’ confidentiality, with the Evaluation Centre ensuring the flexibility to provide the facilities demanded by the industry for the development of new drilling and well services technology in a confidential environment.

A number of companies have successfully utilised the facility to carry out System Integrity Trials, verifying that all 3rd party equipment supplied by various service companies are compatible and operate as required prior to being sent offshore, mitigating issues and associated costs. The Rig also allows crews to gain valuable hands on experience of working with the equipment in a safe and controlled environment prior to running in live wells.


The Weatherford Evaluation Centre sites the largest land rig based test facility in Europe.

Weatherford's Evaluation Centre - Rig Testing

Companies often ship their equipment to obscure locations to replicate operating environments. Thankfully, our testing facilities are much closer.

The site is ideal for testing new technology for horizontal well installations, which are carried out on Test Bore Hole 4. Clients are provided with all data retrieved from the rig acquisition system which can then be used as proof of tool commissioning.

The WEC Rig Site has four complete test bore holes of varying depth and inclination, including a 36” cased hole section, a 8½” horizontal open hole section and the deepest test bore hole at over 4,000ft.

The WEC Rig site comprises

  • Dedicated Rig and Maintenance Crews

  • Client Offices

Rig 1

  • Varco TDS 3 system

  • 650,000lbs Hook Load Capacity

  • Full Data Acquisition System

  • Remote Derrick Cameras for additional safety

  • Move between all four test bore holes

Circulation System

  • 2 x National A1700PT mud pumps (liners can be changed dependent on clients’ requirements)

With its operational land rig and four test bore holes the WEC Rig site can be used for downhole testing / verification of client tools. Depending on the size of the pump liners we can test up to 4,500psi or 1,000gpm using our mud pumps.

Weatherford's Evaluation Centre - Rig Testing
Rig Integration Rig floor

Simulate running and installation of the system.

North sea conditions

Confirm compliance of new multilateral design with offshore requirements

By simulating the well conditions the customer was able to check the new design and decided not to proceed with the offshore installation, realizing a total of £15M in costs savings.