Pump-Down Perforating Services


Providing optimal placement of fracturing intervals in horizontal shale-gas completions


  • Horizontal unconventional completions
  • Perforating operations that require the deepest possible penetrations into the formation prior to fracture creation
  • Single-run services that incorporate an isolation plug and perforating guns

Features and Benefits

  • Perforations can be selectively positioned to maximize effects in stress planes.
  • If a screenout occurs, additional perforations can be added to the program to customize perforator spacing in real time.
  • Perforating charges for each formation type are available to create the best perforation-tunnel for each rock type. This allows for excellent fracture creation and the lowest breakdown pressures.
  • Enhanced safety features include radio-frequency immunity and a constantcommunication system that works without shutdowns while perforating guns are armed.

Service Description

Pump-down perforating (PDP) is an efficient and cost-effective method to create perforation clusters in horizontal unconventional completions. PDP services provide an intimate conduit to the reservoir, without additional completion components in the completion liner. The PDP assembly enables operators to place perforating clusters in the best fracturing intervals, based on client formation data and completion design, and provides deep penetrations into the formation prior to fracture creation.

PDP uses fluid flow to transmit the plug and perforator assembly through the horizontal portion of the wellbore. When flow rates achieve enough frictional force on the PDP tool string, the plug and perforating guns are pushed downhole, while the wireline maintains contact to transmit data to the surface. Once the PDP string has achieved the required depth, pump rates can be slowed or stopped while the plug is activated inside the completion liner and the perforating guns are initiated in the pre-determined intervals for each cluster. Fractures created from perforating charges begin at the perforation tip—the farthest point into the reservoir rock.