Weatherford Announces World Record Installation with Alternative Borehole Liner (ABL)

18 Jul 2000

Houston, July 18, 2001

Weatherford International, Inc.’s (NYSE: WFT) Completion Systems Division today announced a world-record installation with its Alternative Borehole Liner (ABL) on a 44-degree deviated hole on the Fahud-335 for PDO in Oman.

A total of 29 meters of ABL was installed at a total depth of 712 meters (covering a 20 meter shale interval) and at an angle of 44 degrees, some 267 meters below the 9.5/8- inch casing shoe. A previous installation record was 56meters below the casing shoe.

After installing the ABL in a 12-1/4 inch under-reamed section, the remaining 380 meters of the 8-1/2 inch hole was drilled to TD and the 7-inch liner was run through and cemented successfully.

Weatherford’s ABL system allows the selective isolation of problem sections in a wellbore without loss of hole size. Unlike conventional casing and liner, ABL isolates the specific problem area, rather than the entire section back to the previous casing shoe.

This is Weatherford’s 65th Expandable Liner System installation. The job is another success for Weatherford Completion System’s Expandable Technology as well as an endorsement of the extensive planning and evaluation undertaken with Fahud to achieve this record-setting installation.

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