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ForeSite® Platform Delivers ROI in 2 Months, Reduces Downtime 30%, Increases Production 2% In 111 Mature Wells

South Sumatera, Indonesia

Integrated Solution and Centro™ Platform Deliver Well 62% Faster With 32% More Production

Comalcalco, Tabasco, Mexico

Magnus® Rotary Steerable System Delivers 6-In. Section in 1 Run, Saves 9 Days of Drilling Time

Black Sea, Romania

ForeSite® Edge Boosts Production 6%, Reduces Wellsite Visits 70%, Reduces Failures 15%, Increases Revenue $200K per Year

Illinois, USA

Firma™ Abandonment Solution Helps Kill, Plug 10 Wells in 234 Days, Saves Operator $10.8 Million in Gulf of Mexico

Mississippi Canyon, Gulf of Mexico, USA

Firma™ Abandonment Solution Helps Customer to P&A 13 North Sea Wells and Save 125 Days Worth $35 Million

North Sea, United Kingdom Continental Shelf (UKCS)

Firma™ Abandonment Solution Saves Operator $6.7 Million on Hurricane-Damaged Platform

Gulf of Mexico

Firma™ Abandonment Solution Delivers Permanent Well Abandonment, Cuts Rig Time by 7 Days in Challenging North Sea Environment

United Kingdom, North Sea

Firma™ Solution Provides Permanent Abandonment for 32 Wells, Finishes 150 Days Early

North Sea, United Kingdom

RipTide® RFID Underreamer Enlarges Borehole, Saves 14+ Hours of Deepwater Rig Time Valued at $150,000

Deepwater Malaysia

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