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Innovative Perf-and-Plug System Saves More Than $800,000 by Recovering OBM and Setting Environmental Plugs in 1 Trip

United Kingdom, North Sea

Integrated Drilling Solution Improves Well-to-Well Performance, Saves More Than 42 Days of Rig Time

Comalcalco, Tabasco, Mexico

Magnus® RSS and Quad-Combo LWD Technology Exceed Planned ROP by 40%, Save 5 Days’ Rig Time


Firma™ Solution Including Custom Cutting Tool Cuts 27 Cemented Platform Well Conductors in a Batch Process Taking Only 10 Days

North Sea, Norway

Fat Boy® PCP with Top-Tier System Increase MTBF from 55 to 370 Days, Decrease OPEX by 84%, Saves $2 Million in 9 Sand-Bearing Wells


Rod-Lift Solutions, Maximizer® Pumping Units Reduced OPEX 16% and Workover Costs 75% within Failure-Prone, 100-Well ESP Asset

Northwest Oklahoma

ForeSite® Edge Boosts Production, Reduces Wellsite Visits 70%, Maintains Pump Fillage Above 70%, Increases Revenue $40K

Williston Basin, North Dakota USA

Weatherford and Ardyne Technologies Deliver Innovative Casing-Recovery Solution for Fewer POB, Less CO2 Emissions, More Efficiency


ForeSite® Platform Delivers ROI in 2 Months, Reduces Downtime 30%, Increases Production 2% In 111 Mature Wells

South Sumatera, Indonesia

Integrated Solution and Centro™ Platform Deliver Well 62% Faster With 32% More Production

Comalcalco, Tabasco, Mexico

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