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Close Partnership, Specialized Technologies, Operational Efficiencies Delivered Best-in-Class Geothe

Bavaria, Germany

ForeSite® Edge Enhances Well Production by 12%, Reduces Site Visits by 50% in an Unconventional Fiel

USA, Rockies Area

ForeSite® Autonomous Control Increases Production by 20 STBPD, Simplifies Rod-Lift Operations, Impro

USA, North Dakota

ForeSite® EDGE Increases Oil Gains Over 20% with Autonomous Control Logic


Slot Recovery Solutions Provides Single-Source, Casing Cut & Pull and Side Track from Shallow Depth,

UAE, Abu Dhabi

Interpretation and Evaluation Services Determined Stratigraphic and Structural Features for Developm


Gas Lift System Recovers Dead Well, Improves Fluid Rate, Avoids Shutting-In Gas Injector, Saves Down

West Turkmenistan

Smart Gas Lift Decreases Gas Injection Volumes by up to 50%, Improves Production in a Mature Field

Compact™ Logging Technology Easily Passed Through Collapsed Section in Geothermal Injection Well, En

South of Munich, Bavaria, Germany

Magnus® RSS, MPD Techniques Delivered 6-in. Reservoir Section in Deep Drilling in One Run, Avoided A