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First Deepwater Gravel Pack Operation Using Annular Backpressure MPD System Mitigated Losses and Res

Hexa-Combo LWD BHA Delivered Detailed Reservoir Characterization, Multistage Hydraulic Fracturing Pl


Raptor® Cased-Hole Evaluation System Logged C/O and Sigma in First Horizontal Well, Revealed Precise


ForeSite® Sense Optical System Enabled Advanced, Real-Time Insight in CCS Reservoir Surveillance for


Magnus® RSS Achieved Longest 12 1/4-in. Sidetrack Run in Field to Date, Saved 7 Days of Drilling Tim

North Sea, United Kingdom

UltraWave® LWD High-Resolution Ultrasonic Imaging Provided Detailed Borehole Acoustic Image, Borehol


Integrated Evaluation Solution Provides Full Characterization With Oilfield Tools in Harsh, Geotherm


Managed Pressure Drilling Techniques Cemented Liner Through High-Pressure Salt Section With Narrow P

West Kazakhstan

Magnus RSS, MFR LWD Technology Maintained Planned Trajectory, Completed Section in One Run, Reduced


RipTide® RFID Drilling Reamer Selectively Enlarged Salt Dome Interval and Deactivated On Demand, Mit

Gulf of Mexico