Production Packers

Isolate production flow from the casing wall with reliable, pressure-tight seals

Isolating wellbore zones is more than an economical consideration—it’s a responsibility. That’s why Weatherford packer systems are designed to deliver exceptional performance in every application, from the most basic to the extreme. Whether your wells need permanent, retrievable, or feed-through production packers, we’ve got you covered. 

Sealbore Packers

Create a tight seal that stands up to wellbore loads

Weatherford sealbore production packers perform reliably over a wide range of downhole pressures. Available for both permanent and retrievable installations, they deliver exceptional zonal isolation and fluid control.


Seal tight under high-load conditions

Sealbore Packers

Single-String Packers

Achieve better casing contact for a stronger seal

Our rugged, high-performance packers give you the flexibility of mechanical or hydraulic setting options to create a tight barrier that holds firmly in place—even in challenging wellbore geometries.


Find the right high-performance packer

Hydrostatic Packers

Set the packer with simple wellbore pressure

If your wellbore can’t accommodate mechanical setting tools or you’re looking to minimize operational interventions, our hydrostatic packers deliver the reliable packoff power you need. 


Put some well-placed pressure to work for you

RFID-Enabled Packer Systems

Save trips and mitigate interventions

Operating your packers couldn’t get any easier than simply dropping a radio-frequency-identification (RFID) tag downhole. This Weatherford-exclusive capability streamlines your operations, increases flexibility, minimizes rig time, and reduces costs.


Identify a more efficient packer system

RFID-Enabled Packer Systems

Install a reliable, pressure-tight seal

Weatherford packers provide efficient, tight seals over a wide range of downhole pressures.

To find out how to set a seal that stands up to the most demanding conditions, please fill out the contact form, and we will be in touch.