Remedial Production Enhancement

Increase recoverable reserves CAPEX-Free

Once we’ve identified economic reserves of bypassed hydrocarbons with our industry-leading saturation logging technologies, we help you to produce and proactively manage your increased reserves. Using our comprehensive rigless systems—including stimulation, artificial lift, and well monitoring—we help you to better understand and maximize the economic life of your rejuvenated assets.

Install a gas-lift system rig free

Inverted Gas-Lift System

Our inverted gas-lift system (IGLS) retrofits wells not previously completed for gas lift.


inverted gas-lift system

Reduce the liquid-loading effect in gas wells

Velocity Systems

Our velocity strings reduce the flow area and increase flow velocity in producing gas wells.


Manage water intrusion

Straddle Systems

Working through tight restrictions and with the production tubing in place, our straddle systems isolate problem zones without the use of a rig.

JetFrac Straddle System

Move the gas-lift point deeper downhole

Deep Gas-Lift Systems

In existing gas-lift wells, our deep gas-lift system places the lift point farther downhole without the use of a rig.

Deep Gas-Lift System

Lighten the fluid column

Foam-Lift Systems

Our foam-lift systems deliquify low-reservoir-pressure wells when tubing restrictions or tapered strings hamper plunger-lift application.


Maintain a clear and free-flowing wellbore

Chemical Injection Systems

Our chemical-injection systems inhibit paraffin, corrosion, and scale to maintain and stabilize flow while extending the life of your equipment.

Chemical Injection Systems