Reciprocating Rod-Lift Systems

Maximize production efficiency with our end-to-end rod-lift systems

Only Weatherford offers fully integrated rod-lift solutions, including surface pumping units, rod strings, downhole pumps, automation, and optimization. With unmatched expertise in rod-lift manufacturing, service, repair, and refurbishment, we help to you to design and install the ultimate in production efficiency. 

Pumping Units

Tap into unmatched engineering, manufacturing, and quality control

As the world leader in rod lift, Weatherford offers a comprehensive portfolio of conventional, long-stroke, hydraulic, enhanced geometry, and low-profile reciprocating rod lift (RRL) units. Paired with our unmatched expertise and end-to-end production solutions, our surface pumping units deliver reliable and cost-efficient uptime for any RRL asset.

Excel in even the most challenging environments

Pumping Units

Sucker Rods

Maximize uptime with the ideal rod string

The right rod-string can mean the difference between productive uptime and costly downtime. Our industry-leading portfolio guarantees a match between your needs, budget, and production strategy. Choose between standard, premium, and corrosion-resistant models to make the most of your field assets and unique well environments.

Build the perfect rod string now

Sucker Rods

Continuous Rod

Reduce rod-tubing friction to extend rod-string and tubing life in deviated wells

With couplings only at the top and bottom of the rod string, COROD continuous rod provides an excellent alternative to conventional sucker rods by minimizing the potential for rod-string failures and costly interventions. It is available in various grades and in multiple sizes of round- and semi-elliptical-shaped rod for a wide range of applications.

Explore the only comprehensive continuous-rod portfolio

COROD Continuous Rod

Subsurface Rod Pumps

Tap into unmatched production expertise and technology

Get more from your oilfield assets with industry-leading, performance-boosting pump solutions. Our wide variety of API pumps, specialty pumps, and parts and accessories excel in even the most corrosive and abrasive well environments.

Excel in any pumping environment

Subsurface Rod Pumps