Subsurface Rod Pumps

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Get more from your oilfield assets with industry-leading, performance-boosting pump solutions. Our wide variety of API pumps, specialty pumps, and parts and accessories excel in even the most corrosive and abrasive well environments.

Fluid-Packed Pumps

Reach deeper and draw more from challenging wells

Our Fluid-Packed pumps are made for challenging environments and are constructed with an externally or internally threaded, heavy-wall barrel for greater strength and rigidity. Our thin-wall barrel pumps are run in moderate well depths and tubing pumps combine a heavy-wall barrel and a proven stroke-through design.

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Fluid-Packed Pumps

Sand-Tolerant Downhole Pump

Extend runtime and maximize production in sandy wells

Our patented sand-tolerant pumps (STP) protect the plunger-barrel interface from sand abrasion by filtering slippage fluid. This design increases efficiency extends runtime up to 450 percent in sandy wells.

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 Sand-Tolerant Downhole Pump

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