UAE's First End to End Standardized Workflow-Based Digital Transformation in a Giant Gas Producing Asset - Lessons Learned and Way Forward


Ayesha Ahmed Abdulla Salem Alsaeedi; Manar Maher Mohamed Elabrashy; Mohamed Ali Alzeyoudi; Mohamed Mubarak Albadi; Sandeep Soni; Jose Isambertt; Deepak Tripathi


SPE - Society of Petroleum Engineers

Publication Date

September 15, 2021


SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition, September 21–23, 2021

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The concept of integrated modeling and digital transformation has grown within the oil and gas industry over the past decade and every such digital transformation has its own set of challenges from which significant learnings can be derived to enhance the knowledge base of the industry. This paper encompasses the successful achievement journey from the UAE's first end to end standardized workflow- based digital transformation in a giant gas producing asset, where several key challenges and learnings have been summarized that are originated from a unique project for a giant gas-condensate asset.

The role and importance from multiple business stakeholders such as the planning, engineering, operations and performance teams was imperative to establish a collaborative working philosophy and a detailed specification document, the end-to-end solution, functional and non-functional requirements were captured and aligned with end-user needs.

Firstly, a detailed offline phase along with focused efforts in understanding data-quality and establishing representative base-models, was key to enhance the benefit-realization of the integrated platform. Secondly, the online implementation helped in achieving significant process efficiency improvement as inbuilt data validation features significantly improved the confidence of the output.

The diagnostic workflows replaced the conventional spreadsheet-based approach. The digital platform works as a common reference of "truth" for everyone across the organization. It helped to produce several the business KPIs to assist the engineers in emphasizing on the problem area, such as improved well test planning.