Mitigate risks for the life of the well

For more than 55 years, we have innovated systems that help you to achieve reliable wellbore integrity and zonal isolation. As the industry leader in deepwater and unconventional cementing systems, we offer a complete well-integrity portfolio that drives your casing to depth, manages surges, optimizes cement placement, and sets the stage for life-of-well integrity.

Cementing Wiper Plugs and Darts

Eliminate cement contamination and intermixing

Available in multiple materials, our reliable plug and dart systems are compatible with a wide range of wellbore fluids in subsea, surface, liner, extended-reach, and multistage cementing applications.


  Maintain fluid separation during cement curing here

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Cementing Rental Tools

Reduce CAPEX with our advanced cementing rental tools

Our teams expertly maintain and deliver cementing technologies any operational need—including float, stage-cementing and surge-reduction tools—and help you to quickly and safely deploy them at your wellsite. 


Eliminate ownership costs here

Cementing Rental Tools


Optimize cement placement in any well

Our applications engineers leverage a wide-ranging portfolio—including welded, nonwelded, and roller centralizers—to help you ensure proper cement placement for any well from standard to extreme environments.


 Leverage expertise that spans decades and millions of tools here


Float Equipment

Drive casing to total depth and prevent cement flowback

Our comprehensive selection of float equipment―including float shoes and float collars―facilitate proper cementing for any well environment from unconventional to deepwater. These field-proven tools deliver a secure primary cement job and reduce the chances of remedial operations. And should our extensive portfolio fall outside of your operating needs, our engineers can custom-build float equipment for any need. 


Facilitate proper cementing for any well environment here

Float Equipment

Stage Cementing Tools

Isolate targeted sections of the wellbore with a secure cement job

We offer hydraulically and mechanically actuated stage-cementing technologies that reduce the total pumping pressure, decrease hydrostatic pressure on weak zones, and enable a gas-tight seal against the formation.


Build well integrity through selective zonal isolation here

Stage Cementing Tools

Cementing Systems

Decrease surge pressures and achieve a high-quality cement job

From deepwater to unconventional wells, our technologies reduce cementing risks and surge pressures, safely increase your casing- and liner-running speeds, and help you to reliably reach total depth.


  Create a high-quality cement job with a single-source provider here

Cementing Systems

Cementing Services

Improve zonal isolation, bolster your casing, and protect the formation

It’s crucial to create a customized cement formulation and a unique pumping strategy for each well. The result is improved zonal isolation, better sheath resiliency, and enhanced well integrity.


Set your primary well-integrity barrier here