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ForeSite® Sense Optical System

Enabled Advanced, Real-Time Insight in CCS Reservoir Surveillance for CO2 Injection Well


  • Provide an integrated downhole surveillance system as part of a carbon dioxide (CO2) injection well completion design. An energy customer in France executed a carbon capture-transport-storage pilot project as part of its commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The project required technologies for monitoring of downhole CO2 conditions and reservoir caprock integrity during injection, and continued monitoring post injection.

Our Approach

  • After extensive collaboration and assessment of the project requirements with the customer, Weatherford proposed a customized solution with the ForeSite Sense optical system.
  • The ForeSite Sense optical system provides permanent reservoir monitoring in moderate to ultra-extreme well conditions. The gauge can be combined with multiple ForeSite Sense optical gauges or other optical sensors on a single fiber or cable, which provides comprehensive multiparameter downhole sensing for well production, injection, storage, and monitoring.
  • The gauge has minimal parts and no in-well electronics. It is immune to electromagnetic interference, which enables functionality while using other electrical completion components.
  • Weatherford installed optical pressure/temperature (P/T) gauges and seismic sensors at various depths and connected via a downhole optical cable to the surface. The seismic sensor was conveyed on completion tubing to depth which was then activated with a rupture disc during commissioning to enable direct contact with casing (formation). Sensor orientation was confirmed with a wireline tag to correlate offset vibrator source.

Value to Customer

  • Weatherford’s ForeSite Sense optical system delivered continuous, real-time P/T insight of the CO2, conditions in the well during the critical injection phase.
  • In addition, the system successfully monitored, measured, and verified CO2 storage reservoir and caprock integrity by delivering continuous data from the optical P/T and micro-seismic monitoring and periodic vertical seismic profile (VSP) survey.



Well Type

Onshore, carbon dioxide injection


Depleted gas field

Casing Size

7 x 3-1/2 in., completion


14,435 ft (4,400 m)


Using optical-glass Bragg-grating sensor and glass-to-metal penetrator technologies for ultra-extreme well conditions, the ForeSite Sense Optical system are well suited for high-value wells, deliverin

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