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Performance By The Numbers

UltraWave® LWD High-Resolution Ultrasonic Imaging

Provided Detailed Borehole Acoustic Image, Borehole Shape in OBM With High Solid Content


  • Replace wireline that was not able to log the well due to the borehole conditions.
  • Obtain high-resolution borehole image data to identify fractures in a vertical well filled with 14.84 ppg (1.78 g/cc) oil-based mud (OBM).

Our Approach

  • Weatherford ran the UltraWave logging-while-drilling (LWD) ultrasonic imager. The logging suite included also a real time telemetry system, gamma ray, multi-frequency resistivity, and sonic tools.
  • The UltraWave imager made it possible to directly identify fractures and other features in the borehole in a hostile environment, made of oil-based, heavy mud with high concentration of solids.

Value to Customer

  • After replacing wireline, the Weatherford LWD tools were able to acquire gamma ray, resistivity, and sonic data together with high resolution amplitude images from the UltraWave imager for reservoir evaluation and completion planning.



Well Type




Hole Size and Angle

8-1/2 in., 6°

Casing Size

9-5/8 in.


197°F (92°C)

Measured Depth

9,255 to 10,541 ft (2,821 to 3,213 m)


Two well intervals of the amplitude and travel time images showing fractures—natural and drilling induced—and the presence of break outs.

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