Fluid Systems and Placement

Improve production, increase reliability, and minimize environmental impact

Our trusted portfolio of precisely formulated completion fluids includes top-performing gravel-pack carrier fluids, sand-conglomeration services, fluid additives, degradable fluid-loss diverters, proppants, and acid systems to keep your wells flowing smoothly. In addition, we offer an unsurpassed level of guidance and experience in reservoir management, specific applications, and local regulations to bring added value to your operations.

Production-Enhancement Fluid

Enhance flow rates and protect your reservoir

ZetaFlow® sand-conglomeration technology fights sand problems with a chemical process that traps formation sand and fines to maximize sand-free flow rates and increase production without damaging the formation.


Maximize flow and leave the sand behind


Gravel-Pack Carrier Fluids

Deploy gravel packs with ease and precision

Our specially formulated SurePak gravel-pack carrier fluids efficiently transport your gravel-pack medium to deliver the most effective sand-screen coverage in a variety of well conditions.

Improve gravel-packing certainty

gravel pack fluid