Fluid Systems and Drilling Waste Management

Maximize drilling performance and minimize environmental impact

Fluids and drilling-waste management form an interdependent relationship that impacts well-construction efficiency. Our integrated approach leverages a deep selection of fluid systems that range from conventional to custom-designed drilling, drill-in, and completion fluids. We then match the optimal fluid regime to our advanced waste-management systems to minimize net waste and overall fluid costs.

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Drilling-Waste Management

Minimize net waste and overall fluid costs

Our complete array of waste-management equipment—for solids control, containment and handling, recycling and recovery, and treatment and disposal—deliver premium performance at any wellsite anywhere in the world.

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Driling-Waste Management

Fluid Systems

Achieve maximum drilling efficiency with our industry-leading fluid selection

There is no fluid requirement that we can’t meet. We can fulfill most needs with a deep selection of drilling, drill-in, and completion fluids. For unique environments, our global labs are the ultimate in custom fluid systems.

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Measurement While Drilling