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VERO™ Mechanized System

Improves Tubular-Running Speeds by 15% for North Sea Operator


  • Compare Vero operational efficiency to a conventional mechanized tubular-makeup system.
  • Improve running speeds. 
  • Apply automation to the connection integrity service.

Our Approach

  • The Weatherford automated connection integrity (ACI) services team met with the customer’s drilling personnel to discuss operational requirements for their offshore tubular-running operation. Weatherford introduced the Vero mechanized 7.6-50 system to demonstrate its computer-controlled automatic makeup and evaluation process.
  • After demonstrating the value of the system, the customer decided to run it to compare its capabilities against traditional mechanized tubular-makeup systems.
  • The Vero equipment was mobilized to the customer’s workshop where it was rigged up and tested before installation on the drilling rig.
  • After verifying equipment functionality and training the operational team, the ACI team shipped the equipment to the offshore rig to be installed.
  • On the rig, the ACI team installed and verified the equipment again before the operation began.
  • The team began the makeup operation and successfully ran 146 joints in 10.4 hours  without lost-time incidents. 

Value to Customer

  • Vero automated makeup and evaluation software improved operational efficiency by 15% to achieve the second fastest liner run to date on the rig. The system enabled running an average of 16.3 joints per hour, with makeup speeds peaking at 24 joints per hour. By comparison, previous averages were 14.2 joints per hour.
  • The Vero mechanized system used automatic makeup and evaluation to enable a slip-to-slip time of 3.2 minutes.
  • The automated, hands-free system executed accurate, consistent makeup and evaluation and confirmed that each connection met the appropriate OEM criteria throughout the operation.



Well Type



Gina Krog

Hole Size

8-1/2 in. (215 mm)

Casing Size and Type

7-in., 32-lb/ft (14-kg/m) 13CrS-110 VamTop HT


VERO™ Mechanized System Improves Tubular-Running Speeds by 15% for North Sea Operator

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