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Firma™ Plug and Abandonment Solutions Reduced C02 Emissions by 91% in Lump Sum Turnkey Well Decommis


Advanced Well Integrity, Reservoir Monitoring Analysis Identified Leak Zones Stemming from Corrosion

Middle East

Managed Pressure Drilling, Cementing Eliminated Intermediate Contingency Liner in Ultra-Deepwater We

Gulf of Mexico (Mexico)

Vero® Automated Connection Integrity Enabled Casing Running, Testing of Deepwater Well, Reduced Risk


Advanced Logging Tools, Reservoir Analysis Located and Quantified Downhole Sand Production, Minimize


WEL-VERT Drilling-Fluid System Enabled 100% Successful Logging Operation in 76.5 Hours

Neuquen, Argentina

MPD Technology Drilled 2 Million Feet Safely in HPHT Haynesville Unconventional Shale Play, Reached

Haynesville (East Texas/West Louisiana)

MPD Engineering, Planning, 24/7 Support, Real-Time Engineering Enabled Operator to Build Longest Wel


Managed Pressure Drilling Performed Regulator-Approved Dynamic Pore Pressure Test in Deepwater Explo

Gulf of Mexico, USA

Universal Permanent Magnet Motor for PCPs Reduces Noise Emissions 38% Energy Usage 9.74% Saves $5K i