Flow Measurement

Transform production with real-time flow intelligence

Elevate your bottom-line with continuous flow-measurement solutions that surpass all conventional methods. Get split-second precision and real-time insight that informs your production strategy for every well environment from heavy oil to wet gas to subsea.

Achieve unprecedented flow intelligence with non-nuclear simplicity

Multiphase Flow Measurement

ForeSite Flow is the world’s first flow-measurement solution driven by Production 4.0 intelligence. This multiphase breakthrough delivers full-range flow insight for individual or group wells in real time and without a nuclear source.

Detect and track water onset in real time

Water-Cut Meters

Our Red Eye® water-cut meters provide real-time measurements in land or subsea applications across the full range of water cut from 0 to 100 percent.

Water-Cut Meters


ForeSite Platform

ForeSite® Platform

Connect your entire production ecosystem

ForeSite Edge

ForeSite® Edge

Drive continuous production performance

ForeSite Flow

ForeSite® Flow

Harness unprecedented flow intelligence

ForeSite Sense

ForeSite® Sense

Maximize value with reservoir and equipment monitoring

CygNet® Platform

Unify all data silos into a single ecosystem

Maximize Profitability with Precision Flow Data

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