Openhole Isolation Packers

Isolate production zones with field-proven openhole completion systems

Our openhole isolation portfolio combines rugged simplicity and high-integrity performance. These technologies—which can be deployed individually or as part of an integrated completion system―improve formation stability, reduce fluid diversions, improve sand control, and streamline your fracturing operations.

Apply cased-hole functionality to openhole wells

Cup-Seal Packers

The only tools of their kind, TerraForm® packers feature proprietary cup-seal isolation technology to provide a seal that actively molds to the changing geometry of your wellbore.

Cup-Seal Packers

Create a reliable, high-pressure seal through fluid activation

Swellable Packers

With no moving parts, our swellable packers contain elastomers that swell on contact with certain wellbore fluids to form an annular seal against gas, sand, and water migration.

Establish permanent isolation without mechanical setting

Hydraulic Packers

Whether you're completing an underbalanced well that has fluctuating pressures or a horizontal well that requires subsequent high-pressure stimulation, we have a hydraulic openhole packer to meet your needs.

Hydraulic Packers