Xpress™ XT Pressure Balanced Liner System

Achieve secure-and-reliable well integrity, even in the most severe downhole environments

The Xpress XT pressure-balanced liner system integrates a high-performance liner hanger and a packer on a single-piece mandrel. This allows unrestricted pressures and flow rates during deployment – eliminating the possibility of presetting the liner hanger or premature release of the running tool. Xpress XT de-risks liner installations with its unique setting mechanism that maintains a pressure-balanced environment throughout deployment, even in the most challenging well conditions. Xpress XT is ideal for all liner-system installations, including HPHT, drill-down, ream-down, extended-reach, and floating-liner operations.

Precision Deployment

Enables low-risk installations and reliable depth-placement

Surge-resistant system withstands high-pressure circulation and sudden pressure changes to prevent premature setting of hanger or release of running tool during installation.

Unique Multi Pack-Off System

Maintains a pressure-balanced environment during the installation process. The system-design tolerates use of lost-circulation material (LCM) during deployment.

High-Torque Running Tools

Permit ream-down capability with 50,000 ft-lbs of torque at the liner top.

Mechanical Locking System

Prevents pre-setting of liner-top packer and liner hanger during run-in hole operations.

Patented Floating Junk-Bonnet System

Prevents debris from entering the liner system during deployment.

Precision Deployment

Single-Trip Liner Setting

Provides simplified hanger activation and time-saving efficiency

Single ball-drop activation of pressure-balanced R-type running tool and retrievable seal mandrel reduces installation time for fast activation and cement placement.

High Setting Forces and Debris-Tolerant Features

Allow setting in the toughest environments.

Secondary Release Mechanism

Ensures recovery of running tools.

Rotation or Reciprocation During Conditioning and Cementing Operations

Provides enhanced cement placement.

Industry-Standard SSR Dual-Wiper Plug System

Ensures accurate cement displacement.

Single-Trip Liner Setting

Life-of-Well Performance

Provides long-term well integrity and reliability

API 19LH, VS1 rating holds strong at temperatures up to 400°F (204°C) and pressures up to 10,000 psi (68.94 MPa) for downhole reliability and life-of-well performance.

High-Pressure Gas Testing with Zero Bubble Acceptance

Meets API 19LH VS1 test criteria. Pressure and temperature reversals with combined loading of liner hanger and packer with PBR interface and tie-back validations rated to 10,000 psi, 150° to 400°F (66° to 204°C).

Customized Metallurgy

Elastomers, weight ranges, and threads configured to unique well environment for long-lasting durability.

One-Piece Mandrel

Eliminates internal connections and removes the risk of associated connection leaks for improved production performance.

Life-of-Well Performance Specifications

Include hanging- and hold-down capacities for long-term operational requirements.

Life-of-Well Performance
Xpress XT Pressure Balanced System Real Result

Extreme Performance for Extreme Conditions

Transform liner-system installations and subsequent performance by ensuring total depth (TD) is achieved with 100% confidence prior to completion operations. Xpress XT does it all with one integrated system that withstands hostile well environments and secures accurate installations, validating well integrity and reliability beyond the highest specifications for assured life-of-well performance. Simply complete the form below and a liner-system specialist will contact you soon.