JetStream RFID Circulating Sub

Enable remote, selective, unlimited actuation for efficient borehole cleaning and LCM spotting

Many circulation subs can clean wellbores, spot remediation fluids, and jet BOPs—but not all three in one trip.

The JetStream® RFID circulation sub is different. With no limit to the number of actuations, you can use a single RFID-enabled JetStream sub as many times as needed to execute multiple operations without tripping out.

For greater efficiency, you can run multiple JetStream subs in tandem—with subs at different, strategic positions along the drillstring—gives you additional functionality and flexibility.


Keep all options open while downhole

A single deployment of the JetStream sub enables several different applications:

During drilling:

  • Boosts annular velocity for more effective wellbore cleanup

For remediation:

  • Precisely spots LCM and kill-weight fluids to restore mud flow

After drilling:

  • Produces turbulent flow downhole for hole cleaning

Reach Out to Maximize Reservoir Exposure

Move beyond open and shut with the versatile and efficient JetStream RFID circulation sub.