Remote-Opening Barrier Valve

On-demand gas tight well barriers without mechanical intervention

You need a well barrier for well completion, testing, and intervention operations. But installing and operating a temporary well barrier requires mechanical intervention and the associated time, cost, and personnel. Plus, every time you run into and out of a well, you risk mechanical failure or wellbore damage.

What if you could install a well barrier that opens and closes as needed without mechanical intervention?

The Weatherford remote-opening barrier valve (ROBV) provides a gas-tight seal that holds pressure from above and below. The ROBV is capable of activating multiple times through a unique pressure-signature detection or timer, eliminating the need for slickline, wireline, or coiled tubing intervention.

Suitable for most well environments and designed to be run in a wide variety of applications, especially when paired with Weatherford’s proven and extensive portfolio of retrievable WidePak packer and ISO Extreme well barriers, the ROBV is a versatile solution that, reduces interventions, lowers HSE risks, and increases operational efficiency.

Bidirectional Isolation

Gas-tight seal holds pressure from above and below with a V0-rated valve, providing operational flexibility. 

  • Qualified to API 11D1 V0 up to 10,000 psi and capable of opening at up to 6,500 psi.
  • Large flow area reduces the pressure drop across the valve when open, allowing higher volumes of fluids (11 bbl/min)
  • Multiple applications: production packer setting, second barrier for wellhead or BOP installation and testing, liner deployment and pressure testing, and more.

Durable Design

Large flow area and metal-to-metal seal reduces wear and erosion from fluid friction, reducing the liklihood of clogging. 

  • Extensive battery life suitable for downhole installation of up to 20 months or 1,500 hours while maintaining full functionality.
  • Built-in pressure and temperature gauges measure and record data for download and analysis upon retrieval.
  • Debris-tolerant design incorporates an actuation sleeve positioned below the valve, ensuring it remains in clean fluid and is isolated from debris during long-term suspensions.

Efficiency Gains

Remote activation and multicycle capabilitiies eliminates unnecessary mechanical equalization or opening trips, reducing personnel and HSE risks.

  • Frequency and rate-of-change-based pressure actuation provides custom and reliable operation while eliminating unintenional activation.
  • A pre-programmable timer is used for closing or when pressure activation is not possible.
  • Non-recognized pressure events or signatures are ignored, enabling post-installation operations to proceed without risk of unintentional activation due to varying reservoir or hydrostatic pressures.

Discover how a multicycle well barrier eliminates mechanical intervention

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