Solid Expandable Liners

Expand your well-construction options with reliable liner systems

A pioneer in solid expandable technology, Weatherford developed the MetalSkin® family of products as primary or contingency solutions to improve well architecture, mitigate drilling hazards, and increase production capacity. Our suite features a monobore openhole liner that covers trouble zones while maintaining the same drift as the previous casing, an openhole liner that minimizes well telescoping to optimize production, and a cased-hole liner that remediates damaged or perforated casing.

Land the optimum casing size in the production zone

MetalSkin® Openhole Liner

Built into the development phase, our MetalSkin openhole liner can help you to reach reservoirs with larger casing. Run as a contingency liner, it can isolate problematic sections until total depth can be reached.

MetalSkin Openhole Liner