Assure Conveyance Solution

Log even the most challenging wells

Our Assure conveyance solution enables efficient and safe deployment and retrieval of wireline tools even in wellbores where wireline alone cannot get the tools to the bottom of the well. The solution enables you to achieve complete formation evaluation with increased efficiency and improved reliability using advanced deployment technologies that minimize deployment time and lower your operational risk.

Built upon decades of experience in conveyance systems, the Assure solution features multiple release mechanisms and positive release confirmation to take the guesswork out of the tool deployment process. Fully redundant stackable batteries enable you to deploy longer toolstrings for longer runs and stay in the wellbore longer. A debris tolerant relief valve ensure circulation at all times, improving the flow area and erosion resistance while advanced shock absorption mitigates against hard landings.

The adaptable solution combines and extends the capabilities of Weatherford’s Compact Well Shuttle and Compact Drop-Off system into a single platform, protecting the tools during tripping and deploying them into the open hole after reaching total depth.

Compatible with the complete Compact suite of logging tools, an intelligent memory controller, capable of handling 4 times more data than previous generations, provides advanced formation evaluation and basic triple-combo in a single run.


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