Continuous Production Performance

The ForeSite production optimization platform delivers insight that enhances production, maximizes uptime, and improves personnel efficiency. Leveraging advanced analytics and physics-based models, this platform consumes data from every corner of your business to help you find and prioritize production-uplift opportunities, identify bottlenecks, detect failures before they happen, and plan and execute workovers. These capabilities continuously improve production performance for your wells, reservoir, and surface facilities.

Proven Performance in 55,000 Wells


Systematically outsmart the decline curve. The ForeSite production optimization platform enhances production with unparalleled insight that continuously identifies problems, production-uplift opportunities, and bottlenecks.

Increase Production Potential

Never miss an opportunity. The ForeSite platform connects the well, reservoir, and surface facilities to identify and prioritize uplift potential with economic analyses. Real-time monitoring, control, and trend analysis guide you to continually enhance production while KPI dashboards maintain focus on key business metrics, including mean time between failure (MTBF), production targets, and more.

Improve Well Performance

Manage wells based on actual production performance. Rather than relying on estimated or heuristic data, the ForeSite platform uses physics-based models that automatically tune against real-time field data. Based on the performance of thousands of wells, these models give you actionable intelligence to identify opportunities, detect threats to productivity, and increase run life.

Integrate All Engineering Systems

Maximize your current technology investment. Endlessly scalable and built on an open architecture concept, our ForeSite platform offers bi-directional integration with any technology from any engineering application. By integrating all business data—including workover, finance, and historians—you gain enterprise-wide data clarity, simplicity, and oversight.

Advance to Foresite Production 4.0

Continuously improve productivity. The ForeSite platform is the backbone of our integrated production performance solutions. With exclusive capabilities that enhance every corner of your business—including our autonomous controller, non-nuclear multiphase flowmeter, SCADA/IoT platform, and comprehensive reservoir monitoring portfolio—you can reap continuous and sustained efficiency gains for the life of every producing asset.


Reduce costs with preventative maintenance and proactive asset management powered by predictive analytics. Our enterprise-wide approach to real-time monitoring and optimization helps you reduce production losses and downtime and improve your bottom line.

Predict Failures with Advanced Analytics

Identify issues before they escalate. With industry-exclusive predictive analytics, the ForeSite platform extends MTBF with a complete daily checkup that tracks and diagnoses health issues for the life of your lift systems. You can now forecast potential problems and pull up a heat map to display concentrations of historical and predicted failures in a few mouse clicks.

Optimize Artificial Lift

Change is constant in the life of every well. Regardless of lift type, the ForeSite platform uses current and projected data—including in-flow and completion modeling, fluid properties, flow dynamics, and pressure-volume-temperature (PVT) analysis—to help you anticipate problems, design the optimal lift progression for each well, and adjust your lift strategy.

Leverage Instant Alerts

Know immediately when performance parameters pass critical limits. The ForeSite platform monitors your asset in real-time and generates intelligent alerts when it detects a significant change outside setpoints or trends. Users can respond to alarms and send commands directly to the well from anywhere and with any smart device.


Develop a back-up plan with what-if scenarios. Our ForeSite platform helps you to develop contingencies for any production situation. You can investigate potential failure conditions downhole or in the surface system and develop proactive responses to minimize impacts to production.


Focus on what matters most. With asset-level power available from your desktop or smart device, you can systematically improve personnel, equipment, and capital efficiency. Our ForeSite platform reduces operational inefficiencies, decreases field presence, and enhances safety.

Manage by Exception

Free your team to make decisions that make a difference. We help you instate monitoring and surveillance processes that eliminate operational inefficiencies with artificial intelligence and trend analyses. With real-time asset intelligence available anywhere, your team can stop reacting to day-to-day issues and manage proactively.

Drive Asset-Level Insight

Integrate with the reservoir to accelerate decision speed. The ForeSite platform delivers simplified, actionable data for every production function from well optimization to operations and asset management. Seamlessly integrated with major reservoir simulators, you can automatically update models based on validated well tests, auditable allocation reports, and production forecasts.

Plan and Execute Workovers

Direct field personnel with surgical precision. The ForeSite Field Services Manager prioritizes service recommendations by gauging the economic viability of every action, service, and tool. You can efficiently dispatch based on prioritized optimization opportunities, production issues, and predicted equipment failures.

Visualize Enterprise-Level Business Intelligence

Deep dive into production data and analysis. Featuring fully integrated, built-in business intelligence with Microsoft Power BI and TIBCO Spotfire, the ForeSite platform enables visual data exploration that condenses vast amounts of oilfield data from any corporate data source into actionable dashboards and reports.

Harness the power of the ForeSite platform CAPEX-free.

Production Optimization on the Cloud

Installed in a matter of hours and reliably hosted with Google Cloud, our ForeSite platform on the cloud accelerates your transition to field-wide intelligence. Our solution effectively places a virtual network of IT professionals and computing power right at your fingertips.

Implement with minimal risk and streamlined cost

Installation solutions for your production and pipeline challenges

Leveraging the ForeSite production optimization platform and CygNet SCADA systems, we help you implement and develop oilfield-optimization applications tailored to your specific requirements and best practices to meet your upstream and midstream business needs.

Expert help, technical support, and updates

Support and Training

Our team of experts can help you keep your programs running with technical support, manuals, and software updates. Our user community shares insights into best practices with discussion forums and other resources to help you get the most from each program.

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