Swellable Packers

Create a reliable, high-pressure seal through fluid activation

With no moving parts, our swellable packers give you simple, reliable, and cost-effective solutions for zonal isolation. The packers contain elastomers that swell on contact with certain wellbore fluids to form an annular seal against gas, sand, and water migration. For flexibility in challenging wellbore geometries in open holes, we offer a full range of one-trip, self-setting packer options.

Overcome the challenges of high-pressure fracture isolation

Fraxsis® Annulus Swellable Packer

Our Fraxsis packer features a high-strength elastomer and extrusion-control backup system to attain high-differential pressure ratings. The packer can also accommodate temperatures changes when pumping fracturing fluids.

Seal off the annulus with one-trip, self-setting technology

Genisis Annulus Swellable Packer

Activated through contact with in-situ wellbore fluids, our Genisis swellable packer can be deployed by integrating it into tubing or casing strings or running it in conventional well-service operations. Its customizable design enables isolation in non-standard hole sizes.


Install a purpose-built, high-pressure isolation system

Morphisis-HP Annulus Swellable Packer

Our MORPHISIS-HP annulus swellable packer enables you to customize a packer system for your openhole application. Short, modular swellable elements install easily on standard tubulars.

Morphisis HP