Wireline Conveyance

Obtain a full spectrum of logs, even in complex wellbore

Our wireline conveyance systems ensure that you achieve a complete formation analysis—including cross-dipole sonic, imaging, formation pressure, lithology, porosity, natural gamma ray, and resistivity logs—even in complex wellbore trajectories. Combined with our comprehensive array of memory-capable wireline tools, our conveyance systems mitigate logging risks in horizontal, multilateral, highly deviated, S-curved, and tight wells.

Flexible Deployment, Reliable Conveyance

Assure Conveyance Solution

Our Assure conveyance solution enables efficient and safe deployment and retrieval of wireline tools even in wellbores where wireline alone cannot get the tools to the bottom of the well.

Mitigate Risks Associated with Conventional Wireline

Compact Well Shuttle

The Compact™ Well Shuttle houses logging tools inside the drillpipe, protecting them during tripping, and deploys them into the open hole after reaching total depth.

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